Golf Course Turf Management

Innovative technology delivers healthier turf, significant cost savings

Imagine having a tool that spots problems on the golf course before you can see them. Imagine having a tool that allows you to effectively spot treat problem areas, significantly reducing water and chemical usage. Finally, imagine the smiles

of members and guests who love the look of your ‘improved’ golf course.

Welcome to Skeyeking Turf Solutions – a technological breakthrough that helps you manage your golf course like never before.

The value of UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionizing the turf industry, introducing golf course superintendents to never-before-seen course data and actionable analysis. Through the use of UAVs, users can identify areas of plant stress that cannot be seen with the naked eye, in addition to browning or yellowing of turf. Aerial imagery also provides insights into water distribution patterns, identifying specific areas where water applications can be reduced while maintaining healthy turf, aesthetics and improving playability.

Easily track problem areas and treatment progress

Detect areas of stress and seek opportunities for water reduction. These areas are presented via Skeyeking’s software platform and are highlighted for management review. Using our powerful tools:

  • Problem areas can be tracked
  • Follow-up tasks can be assigned to maintenance crew members
  • Progress can be easily monitored, comparing images in real time from flight to flight.

At left, stressed areas are indicated in red.

 Map key course features

We can produce current maps and 3D renderings, allowing you to see overall course health and areas of turf stress. Our easy-to-use tools allow superintendents and maintenance crews to monitor all course features, equipment and areas of interest from sprinkler heads to turf stress.

Transform aerial imagery into actionable data

Track areas of stress over time with regular Skeyeking reports showing progress toward turn health and cost savings. Stay up to date on your desktop or mobile device.

Get detailed
reports analyzing
turf health

Monitor areas by specific location in detail, and track progress toward reduction goals. Analyze turf conditions to determine how best to improve course aesthetics and optimize water and chemical use.

Progress by location

Track specific turf problems such as yellowing/browning spots, and potential over-watered areas. Each critical area can be monitored over time to show reduction in turf browning , and redistribution of water from overly green areas.


Learn how Skeyeking Turf Solutions can transform the way you manage your golf course, producing healthier greens and fairways while saving thousands of dollars on chemical and water costs.

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