UAVs are changing the way we see the world, whether it’s in new ways to showcase products and services, more efficient tracking of construction projects, or mapping farm fields to increase yields through improved irrigation and fertilization.

Our mission is bringing cost-effective aerial solutions to a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Photography and videography (on the ground and in the sky), heat mapping, aerial inspection and mapping – the sky knows no limits to what we can do for our clients. We also offer a full range of editing and creative services to deliver a complete package if that’s your need.

We are committed to safety and operational integrity.

• We operate in compliance with standards set by Transport Canada, including the use of pilots who meet certification requirements.

• We always have a minimum of two operators at each project site, along with radio-equipped ground supervision personnel to ensure public safety at all times.

• We can even connect you to our live operations via real-time streaming.

Let’s talk about some blue-sky ideas for your business.

Our service packages include:

Construction & Engineering

Our UAV technology offers limitless benefits for large-scale construction including: before, after and during construction records; high definition photos and videos of hard-to-access areas; intelligence for estimating and bidding; providing geo maps and topographical information to ensure the project is on track; identify potential surface contamination. Our deliverables include 2D and 3D mapping. If you have a need, we can fulfill it.

Infrastructure Inspection

Skeyeking streamlines the process of infrastructure inspection, including bridges, wind turbines, solar farms, electrical transmission systems and more. Evaluating the state of these assets with traditional methods is not only difficult, it is costly, time consuming and presents hazardous working conditions.


We deliver a variety of services to the manufacturing sector including: inspection of potentially dangerous areas; inventory management; marketing and promotional materials for customers.

Travel & Tourism

Ultra HD aerials bring added excitement to marketing programs. Skeyeking’s turnkey expertise makes it easy to roll out exciting videos and photography that integrate seamlessly into marketing programs.  This is ideal for wineries, golf courses, resorts, activities and more. Let us put a new perspective on your destination.

Real Estate

Aerials are the most powerful way to sell both commercial and residential real estate, capturing factors such as neighborhoods, roadways, water amenities and more. Show buyers the view from buildings not yet constructed, or provide views of properties not otherwise accessible.

Sports & Events

Capture your event like never before – stunning footage that makes it easy to drive interest from all of your stakeholders including sponsors, participants and audiences. More importantly, we make safety paramount.


UAVs revolutionize agricultural management throughout the crop cycle with precise 3D maps for early soil analysis, and data for irrigation and nitrogen-level management. NDVI technology pinpoints dry or distressed crop areas not visible from the ground. We work with you to make farming more profitable.