Neil Cairns

Chief Executive Officer

Skeyeking co-founder Neil Cairns is a Certified Management Accountant who brings discipline and a sharp business eye to the table.

In addition to serving as Controller for numerous successful companies including Sun Media, Osprey Media, Town Media and JAG Communications, Neil has owned and operated his own companies including Embree Industries Limited, a CNC machine and press shop, and Silverstone Developments Inc., a custom home builder.

Neil came together with Gord in identifying a growing need for professional UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) services, one with unlimited potential for a wide variety of industry sectors. His goal is to keep the business at the forefront of the industry with a commitment to excellence in its people, its technology and by ensuring it continues to exceed the expectations of its customers.

Gordon Green


Skeyeking founder Gordon Green brings a love of flight and almost three decades of marketing and communications expertise to his role as President.

A former journalist, Gordon founded JAG Communications Inc, a leading marketing and communications company, in 1990. JAG has  worked with a variety of large and not-so-large businesses as well as non-profit and government organizations. Gordon recognized a need with various companies he had worked with that could be met more effectively by employing advanced UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology in a variety of ways.

Gordon has built a solid reputation with clients for his integrity and commitment to delivering excellence on time and on budget.

Simon Wilson

Photo-Video Aerialist

An award-winning photojournalist, Simon’s work has appeared in major international publications ranging from The Washington Post, The Times of London, The Globe & Mail, Macleans and the Toronto Star. For over 15 years, this sought-after photojournalist has honed his skills at catching not just a record of the moment, but the essence of it.

A man of many disciplines, Wilson has simultaneously built an archive of over 5,000 images specializing in botanical photography. He has contributed pieces to many books, periodicals, exhibitions, galleries and shows. His timeless nature works remain in demand, and he adds constantly to the trove.

An expert at capturing vivid aerial images from manned helicopters, Simon loves the doors that are opened to his creativity at the helm of SkeyeKing’s leading-edge unmanned aerial vehicles.

David Gruggen

Photo-Video Aerialist

Dave brings a keen eye and more than three decades of photography know-how to his newest role as Photo-Video Aerialist at SkeyeKing. Dave has been a commercial photographer in the GTA, during which time he has spent hundreds of hours in fixed-wing aircraft shooting aerial photography for a variety of industrial and commercial clients.

His attention to detail and extensive experience shooting from the sky ensures quality outcomes.

Darren Clarke
UAV Pilot

Darren Clarke is an experienced UAV pilot who believes that he serves clients best by ensuring safe and compliant operations at all times.

A graduate of the Clarion Drone Academy, Darren has built a solid reputation for his ability to employ UAVs in a safe manner to capture the perfect angles for stunning photography and videography. His training also enables him to set up ideal flight patterns for agricultural mapping, infrastructure inspection and more.

When he’s not flying, Darren is devoted to enhancing the UAV industry through participation in organizations that promote safety and training.