SkeyeKing brings together advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with creative and operational know-how to deliver a ‘wow’ experience for a diverse range of clients.

UAVs are changing the way we see the world, whether it’s in new ways to showcase products and services, more efficient tracking of construction projects, or mapping farm fields to increase yields through improved irrigation and fertilization. Our goal is to bring cost-effective aerial solutions to a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Photography and videography (on the ground and in the sky), heat mapping, aerial inspection and mapping – the sky knows no limits to what we can do for our clients. We also offer a full range of editing and creative services to deliver a complete package if that’s your need.

Our commitment to safety and operational integrity means we:

• Operate in compliance with standards set by Transport Canada, including the use of fully licensed pilots and registered aircraft.

• We always have a minimum of two operators at each project site, including radio-equipped ground supervision personnel to ensure public safety at all times.

We can even connect you to our live operations via real-time streaming.

Let’s talk about putting a new perspective on your business.