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Skeyeking did an amazing job of capturing the essence and the spirit of Peninsula Ridge Winery. Their dramatic aerial videos and photos gave me a whole new perspective on our property, and I know they will be invaluable in promoting our brand.  I’d definitely recommend Skeyeking to any wineries, or other tourist properties, who want to put some wow in their marketing.

“We will also be looking at bringing Skeyeking back in next season to help monitor our vineyards using state-of-the-art crop health technology. This is breakthrough, and can help us better manage our vines throughout the growing and harvest season.

Norm Beal

CEO , Food and Beverage Ontario / Peninsula Ridge Winery

We were very pleased with the professionalism of the Skeyeking crew. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to get in and out with minimal disruption to our club’s operations. The flyovers of each hole along with a fully edited marketing video will be invaluable in helping us successfully reach out to prospective members.

“The big payoff will be in 2018 with the introduction of their Turf Solutions program. We expect to see significant cost savings while maintaining optimal playing conditions throughout the season.

John Hay

President, Beverly Golf and Country Club

Feature Demonstration 

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